How Piracy Websites Like Filmywap Is Harming Filmmakers and Artists

The proliferation of piracy websites like Bestwap across the internet is a major concern for the creative industry. In fact, this poses a niggling problem that is difficult to handle because of how the internet is. filmywap hd movies download

In today’s cyberspace, there is much freedom on contents produced and shared that it is almost impossible to monitor activities. It is why the spread of fake news is an issue in the world of communication. filmywap 2019 bollywood movies download

Truth be told, what piracy websites like 2019 afford is free access to some of the finest artworks but pirated. If you are willing to sacrifice the quality of a new Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster for free view,

your surest bet might be Filmywap. On such sites, pirates peddle pirated works to no length, sometimes, at no profit just to make these art pieces accessible to people (usually youths) regardless of how dubbed they are. Filmywap Movies Download

The hard truth

The hard truth is, for every pirated movie, there is a filmmaker somewhere who is unduly deprived the gains of their creative efforts. Nothing can be more unfair! As the war on piracy might look bleak on the surface level, bestwap movie download


there have been successful steps taken. A pirate site like Popcorn Time has been shut down. This has dealt a great blow at the supply of pirated artworks.

Quantifying losses

But the biggest problem lies with the consumers of these pirated works. They hardly know the negative creative and business consequences of demanding for such products. Losses incurred from piracy affect directors, filmywap punjabi movies 2019 download

actors and others who do not get to benefit from royalties that ought to obtain from legit consumption. Indeed, it is difficult to quantify the losses incurred as a result of piracy.

Soliciting for funds

Many people also erroneously believe that studios do not take a bit in the maelstrom that piracy brings upon the industry because they make hundreds of millions. Unfortunately, the truth is that movie download

many filmmakers aren’t that ‘wealthy’ as people generally think. Usually, they solicit for financial help to help them produce quality content. There is a large percentage of risks involved too because they are not sure if the proceeds from the film will be enough to settle debts. filmywap bollywood movies download

Vulnerable filmmakers

Considering the high fixed cost of making a top-quality Hollywood or Bollywood flicks, losses from piracy have the potential of being a profit or loss decider. filmywap 2019

Expectedly, piracy websites like filmywap in can cause huge problems for independent filmmakers who rarely have the financial support of major studios and investors.

Such filmmakers usually solicit funds before production commences from global exhibitors and distributors in what is known as presale financing. movie

In addition, even artists struggle to fend for themselves as they pursue their work with commitment and passion. Piracy may be straining the next top Indian filmmaker and may even drive him/her to bankruptcy.  filmywap 2019 movie download

So the next time you open a pirate website to illegally consume artistic work, remember you are about to inflict damage to the entire production team. filmywap movies

You’re a big fan of an actor or actress? Appreciate their craft by buying their works.


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